3Dfx I/O Kit Drivers for Mac OS X / Darwin

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The Kernel Overview :

Kernel Developer Documentation - The general page for info on low level Mac OS X development.

One of the first places to start learning about the way that Mac OS X deals with devices like Graphics Cards, and other hardware that you might find inside your box, is The Kernel Environment Developer Guide ( in PDF 836 K 102 pages ) or more specifically, Device Drivers and the I/O Kit. (like just 3-5 pages)

Recently posted, looks like a solid coverage of writing I/O Kit drivers:

IO Kit Fundamentals  ( or in PDF 1012 K ) 122 pages       *New*

The Driver Introduction :

Once you finish reading one of the I/O Kit articles above check out :

About Kernel Extensions: When To Create a KEXT  1 page, +Links.       *The Links are Highly Recommended*

"About Kernel Extensions" is quick review of what Kernel Extensions are all about, and outlines the path of the Essential Tutorials Hello Kernel, Hello IOKit, Hello Debugger, and Packaging Your KEXT. Anyone serious about working on a device driver for OS X, but is starting from scratch, should read these Tutorials!.

Writing I/O Kit Drivers  ( or in PDF 284 K ) 42 pages       *Highly Recommended*

"Writing I/O Kit Drivers" really gets into the whole driver life cycle, and relationships and dependancies.

3Dfx Specifications - (PDF)

voodoo3_spec.pdf - 2.8 MB

banshee_spec.pdf - 2.7 MB

banshee_2d_spec.pdf - 900 K

voodoo2.pdf - 1.8 MB

voodoo_rush.pdf - 948 K

voodoo_graphics.pdf - 1.3 MB

FreeBSD's driver

The FreeBSD 3Dfx driver is being developed by Coleman Kane.
The current source code for this driver can be found at : ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/FreeBSD-current/src/sys/dev/tdfx/


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